Social Media Vacation

“In a world where everything is connected, the ability to strategically disconnect can become a superpower.” – Tim Ferriss

Lately I’ve been finding myself, probably like many others, spending ungodly amounts of time on social media. Doing absolutely nothing. Scrolling. On a timeline that appears to be endless. Endless in length and endless in amounts of totally useless information. Kanye West, cats, conspiracy theories, some (mostly mediocre) art and graffiti, fake news, self proclaimed MMA experts, bullshit politics and pictures of food dominate my visual input on a daily basis. And the cats might just be the most interesting part of it all.

Obviously I use social media for what it was first intended for; connecting with people. People who live too far away to talk to regularly in real life. And to be able to do so is truly a great thing.

I also use it to ask people about stuff I might need. For example; last week I decided that me and my girlfriend needed an accountant. I put up a post on Facebook asking for one and tomorrow I have an appointment with an accountant that multiple people recommended to me. To be able to find things so quickly – and reliable – is truly a gift of technology and I’m fully aware of these technological benefits.

I know that promoting my work on social media is a big part of being an artist today, however, I became aware of the fact that I spend more time looking at things that interest me, than actually doing those things that interest me. I spend more time looking at great art, than I am attempting to actually create great art. Looking for inspiration, but actually just getting a quick dopamine fix in the form of a pretty picture. Not really ‘connecting’ with any of it.

I find myself trying to make ‘good content’ in stead of good art. Subconsciously looking for approval of people I don’t even know. Being anxious about opinions of people I don’t really care about, amounts of double taps, notifications, shares and likes.

For the sake of experiment I’m gonna try to disconnect for a while. Just a few weeks to try it out. I’ll be watching some films, reading some books that have been stacked on my nightstand for months, go to a museum to actually see the works that I scroll past on my timeline, and most importantly make some new work. Making new work just for me. No likes, no comments, no anxiety, no expectations, nothing. 

If you need anything work related you can send me an e-mail.



020316 – Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton (born 1972) is a post-conceptual American artist who among other things makes digital paintings on canvas using scanners and digital inkjet technology. (Wikipedia)

Stumbled across the work of Wade Guyton today. Very interesting use of technology to produce ‘paintings.’ Just a quick post so I don’t forget about this work (which happens to me a lot.)







010316 – Woodwork Proces

Soooo last month I had an exhibition with some of my close friends during the annual film festival here in Rotterdam. We all decided we were going to display some sort of experiment and since I had the idea to venture into the third dimension (see previous post) I thought I’d give it a go! The other people that were showing work were:

Jacco Bunt, Nas Bami, Bruce Tsai

I think it turned out exactly as expected (which is rare for me) but maybe because I had given it so long to accumulate in my head, it had to come out as I planned.

Here are some photos of the process. I will post photos of the entire exhibition soon. It’s only telephone photos so apologies for the ‘bad’ quality, but hey it’s only process photos right? 😉











110216 – Boris Tellegen at Alice Gallery

Ok sooooo this post was supposed to be written about two weeks ago. But since my laptop is no longer in use my internet access was somewhat limited.

I went to see the show “∇” by Boris Tellegen aka ‘Delta’ at the Alice gallery in Bruxelles. It was an amazing show where Boris once again proved to be one of the best to ever do it. So instead of me writing how amazing it actually was and sound like a super fanboy (which I am) I’ll just let the photos do the talking.















190116 – A Hint Of Colour

After working in black and white for almost a year straight, I’m slowly starting to incorporate color back into my work. These are some of the first works in progress. Leading up to my show in a few months, I will probably create a lot of work for developement purposes only. Work that will get me to discover the next steps. I’m feeling that these works are just that.

I am really excited about the prospect of this work translating into three dimensional works in the (near) future (see previous post). And the possibilities of creating a very specific colour palette through the use of spraypaint. Loads more to come.





120116 – The Third Dimension

For a while now I’ve been thinking what the next step in my work is going to be. Over the last year my style has changes tremendously and I have come a long way since I was hating the majority of the work I was creating a year ago. I always struggled to create a personal style or aesthetic. Something that people would recognize me for and that I could actually call my own. I think my progress has been amazing and it’s mostly due to a sheer volume of experimentation. Trying different things, failing most of the time and just keep creating work. I have always kept a (typo)graphic element in my work and my passion for letters has remained.
However, in the last years the medium I have been working in have remained unchanged, I paint, I draw and since a year now I make collages. So since I am somewhat satisfied with the aesthetic direction I am heading towards; what can I do to progress and keep things fresh (both for myself and for the people who enjoy my work) ?

Last week I got the confirmation that my first solo show will actually happen. And I started to think what I can do to set myself and my work apart from what I have been doing over the last year. How can I take it to the ‘next level’?

I have been a big fan of Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen for quite some time now (I might do a separate blog post on his work later) but last weekend I stumbled across the image above. I had seen it before, but I never made the impact that it did last weekend. It struck a chord with me and I suddenly saw a comparison between his work and mine. I knew what the next step should be.
Not only Delta has created three dimensional work that has inspired me, but a lot of people have. I’m still not exactly sure how I will be able to translate my work into three dimensions/installations or whatever, but I thought writing this post and adding some reference material might get me started.








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