120116 – The Third Dimension

For a while now I’ve been thinking what the next step in my work is going to be. Over the last year my style has changes tremendously and I have come a long way since I was hating the majority of the work I was creating a year ago. I always struggled to create a personal style or aesthetic. Something that people would recognize me for and that I could actually call my own. I think my progress has been amazing and it’s mostly due to a sheer volume of experimentation. Trying different things, failing most of the time and just keep creating work. I have always kept a (typo)graphic element in my work and my passion for letters has remained.
However, in the last years the medium I have been working in have remained unchanged, I paint, I draw and since a year now I make collages. So since I am somewhat satisfied with the aesthetic direction I am heading towards; what can I do to progress and keep things fresh (both for myself and for the people who enjoy my work) ?

Last week I got the confirmation that my first solo show will actually happen. And I started to think what I can do to set myself and my work apart from what I have been doing over the last year. How can I take it to the ‘next level’?

I have been a big fan of Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen for quite some time now (I might do a separate blog post on his work later) but last weekend I stumbled across the image above. I had seen it before, but I never made the impact that it did last weekend. It struck a chord with me and I suddenly saw a comparison between his work and mine. I knew what the next step should be.
Not only Delta has created three dimensional work that has inspired me, but a lot of people have. I’m still not exactly sure how I will be able to translate my work into three dimensions/installations or whatever, but I thought writing this post and adding some reference material might get me started.








theflopbox_revok_6  revok-artist05

Graphic Surgery




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