020316 – Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton (born 1972) is a post-conceptual American artist who among other things makes digital paintings on canvas using scanners and digital inkjet technology. (Wikipedia)

Stumbled across the work of Wade Guyton today. Very interesting use of technology to produce ‘paintings.’ Just a quick post so I don’t forget about this work (which happens to me a lot.)








110216 – Boris Tellegen at Alice Gallery

Ok sooooo this post was supposed to be written about two weeks ago. But since my laptop is no longer in use my internet access was somewhat limited.

I went to see the show “∇” by Boris Tellegen aka ‘Delta’ at the Alice gallery in Bruxelles. It was an amazing show where Boris once again proved to be one of the best to ever do it. So instead of me writing how amazing it actually was and sound like a super fanboy (which I am) I’ll just let the photos do the talking.















120116 – The Third Dimension

For a while now I’ve been thinking what the next step in my work is going to be. Over the last year my style has changes tremendously and I have come a long way since I was hating the majority of the work I was creating a year ago. I always struggled to create a personal style or aesthetic. Something that people would recognize me for and that I could actually call my own. I think my progress has been amazing and it’s mostly due to a sheer volume of experimentation. Trying different things, failing most of the time and just keep creating work. I have always kept a (typo)graphic element in my work and my passion for letters has remained.
However, in the last years the medium I have been working in have remained unchanged, I paint, I draw and since a year now I make collages. So since I am somewhat satisfied with the aesthetic direction I am heading towards; what can I do to progress and keep things fresh (both for myself and for the people who enjoy my work) ?

Last week I got the confirmation that my first solo show will actually happen. And I started to think what I can do to set myself and my work apart from what I have been doing over the last year. How can I take it to the ‘next level’?

I have been a big fan of Boris ‘Delta’ Tellegen for quite some time now (I might do a separate blog post on his work later) but last weekend I stumbled across the image above. I had seen it before, but I never made the impact that it did last weekend. It struck a chord with me and I suddenly saw a comparison between his work and mine. I knew what the next step should be.
Not only Delta has created three dimensional work that has inspired me, but a lot of people have. I’m still not exactly sure how I will be able to translate my work into three dimensions/installations or whatever, but I thought writing this post and adding some reference material might get me started.








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